World Federation of Young Investors was founded in 2015 by members of Swedish, Danish and Icelandic young shareholders associations as a subsidiary organization of World Federation of Investors (WFI). Over the period of three years the WFYI has expanded to 15 countries in the world, has over 23,000 members and regional managers in Asia, Africa and the North and Central America. The member organizations are national youth investment clubs worldwide which share the same objectives as WFYI.

Anyone can become a part of the community by either joining an existing National Member Organization (NMO), establishing a new organization or as a volunteer. Every year the WFYI arranges interesting activities, trips and events with the purpose of learning more about financial markets, investments, gain international experience, create networks, and enjoy the company of people from around the world which share the interest of investment. The WFYI is also working on creating ties between young shareholder associations in different countries and regions. The new educational project on the website is to be launched soon and the members will gather for the General Assembly in Paris this autumn.

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The World Federation of Young Investors promotes private share ownership and investment education, and works to increase financial literacy among youth worldwide.

The definition for financial literacy is that used by OECD: The OECD/INFE definition of financial literacy recognizes that even if an individual has sufficient knowledge and ability to act in a particular way, their attitude will influence their decision of whether or not to act: ‘A combination of awareness, knowledge, skill, attitude and behavior necessary to make sound financial decisions and ultimately achieve individual financial wellbeing.’

The ultimate goal is to give young people the tools needed for impacting their financial future regardless of their country of residence and the maturity of their native financial market and economic climate. By raising financial literacy, the federation promotes the mentality to invest today’s money for a better tomorrow, thereby ensuring a personal financial stability for the world’s youth.


Nuoret Osakesäästäjät are a proud member supporting and building this global collaboration.

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